Who are we?

We are DRS Media. A not so big company that has been on the market since 2010 or so. We worked on a quite a few projects over the years, projects we will not mention here so you won't think we're bragging.

We are a handful of people with different specializations from marketing to programming. We are not rich, nor are we some sort of charitable movement who's only goal is to give stuff away for free, and yes, we do like money, but we have other projects that fund our company.

Why is it free?

Well... Why not? We wrote this application a while ago for our personal use and during our spare time we thought it would be nice write an interface so that others can use it as well. The release of FLS may also have been influenced by the fact that before we wrote this app for ourselves we were getting ripped off by the 3rd party live support app we were using back then. That built up frustration we had eventually led us to the release of this free live support app.

Do we want to ruin other paid live support services by releasing thisone for free?

Well... Yes and no, if you don't need something super fancy that includes agents and departments and stuff like that for your live support app then FLS is exactly what you need. On the other hand if you need all the stuff mentioned before, you should definitely consider a paid service.

By a "simple live support app" we mean that we offer the following features for FLS :

Is FLS going to stay free?

Yes! We have absolutely no intention of ever charging for our service. We know that the "buy us a beer" donation button on our home page will be more than enough to maintain our service free for ever, and even if it's not, we have the resources to sustain it ourselves without any problems.

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